“Water Scrying”

It’s 3 a.m. and so am I / it’s and 3 a.m. being

a way to examine my shortcomings / history

and then search / bare shoulder / milky coffee

seems like / a / good idea despite 3 a.m.’s

shortcomings – roll over / sensations trapped / in

the / down covers touch / me / lazy sex

– sundays / something / at 3 a.m.

my pillow / talks caressing my notebook

/ and my phone look / similar




“Signed and Sealed”

Buzzz. Buzzz. Pause: wet paper towel. Buzzz. Does it hurt? No, not really. It’s worth it.

That’s what they all say. Clenched teeth. Buzzz. Buzzz. Where do you go to school? Buzzz.

Pause: loading more ink. Oh, yeah? I went there too. Do you like it? Buzzz. The boy’s arm twitches.

Stay still. Buzzz. Buzzz. His leg, this time. Need a break? No.

That’s what they all say. Buzzz. It’s nearly finished. A wonky black shape, to you. For him, a breakneck taboo.

“Food for Thought”

I am alive.

I am silence.

I’m still alive.

Only silence.

Life lines.

Meaning of life.

Does speaking make you alive?

Only just,

only just,

only just.

Just look at how made of lines I am.

I am alive.

I am alive.

But I don’t feel it.


I am silence.

Life lines.

A funny word.

A concept.

Does that make me alive?

Only just.

Only just.



When does it

stop sounding so serious?

When does it finally end

On a high note

curled up in someone else’s bed?

I don’t know if I should accept that.

A bright shiny skyline

hanging on someone else’s clothesline.


sincerity as a means to tell myself

I am alive.

The truth is

in the differences trapped

In my eyes.

There’s so much fear.