“Der Panther”

Vines blink in form voracious they stab

mud garden, this niche lay ahead

Mist as others save her gave her

A thousand hints stable kind of pelt

Divider fang gash and dig stark shredder

a sick lark clan increase drought,

wise to dance for craft an admitter,

in the bathtub cause will spread.ย 

No man sleep there hanged in popular

sick loudless off then get in bed nine

Get church there glider panther still

a hurt in cats zen off resign


Society is an entity, but so is death.

And I,

I want to shed the former and live, have being so I can feel that thing I’ve always held in reverie, but never actually touched.

I want to reject my skin and bleed poetry for the stars,

little things so horribly believed to be more than they are.

So when does it begin, this apparatus they call living?

I ask because the universe is already three steps ahead,

waiting to die,

waiting to end.