“Two-Striped Eyes”

Curled up red eyes tired ears the mind hears

Pillow back talk the wake you’ll sleep

Beating silence corner bearing slide mirror

Hook mouth code raven smile the stranger

Torn wink blind shadow whispers pink folds

Empty wood gloss crime three seconds empty

Play dove blossom port iron switch brick

Vein shorts ink wreath the white hinge knob

Glass moods dark handle wait edge while


“Food for Thought”

I am alive.

I am silence.

I’m still alive.

Only silence.

Life lines.

Meaning of life.

Does speaking make you alive?

Only just,

only just,

only just.

Just look at how made of lines I am.

I am alive.

I am alive.

But I don’t feel it.


I am silence.

Life lines.

A funny word.

A concept.

Does that make me alive?

Only just.

Only just.