“fight finite”

appendages splayed as she tries to bring some semblance of herself together with desperation and ink and smears to establish a mind sitting a foot away and splashing in a silver moon river while her stretch marks laughed and flirted nearby a cluster of red specks d   ott   ing    dott ing    d    o       t      t        ing   dotting her eyes and her heart’s ability to tease covered in black marks signs of devotion and love the skin by her nails ripped through no fault but to each her own trying to keep herself she never asked for help in fear of losing something in return

that moon river.

“Crossed and Falling”

13 minutes it took

for me to find her

curled with her

hands in fists between

her thighs breathing

like someone was

stealing her heart

from her chest and

from me I knelt

beside her she

shuddered shaking

she didn’t seem to

notice me at all

changing into a

thousand gossamer


beating breaking

and back again

was she with

thorns poking

through her palms

I touched her any

way the vice we

shared between us

more than blood or

light burning our

collective skin but

holy water could

not touch us as

I held her

face between my

hands and she

came in and out

of focus she was

not from the grey

the veil of smoke

and human eyes

rather the darkness

we shared keeping

the both of us

alive but for how

long I felt protective

of our

secrets and of

her I could

not stop looking

at her, at my

demon heart in

human hands.