“Demise/All Our Own”

Alpha fever over

turned the bowels

of human civilization

its brindled eye

polish bleeding from

every pore the rich

are spent and the

war police’s on the

war shackled in

instinct and dead,

writhing flesh the

maggots feasting

on their own blood

their own blood as

people are wrought

insects we are

known to be the

raven pecking, peeling

back at our

shells and by

our own life

force this is

a beautiful way

to die.

“Ode to Linger”

Berlin nights a watered bridge

still under church’s wolfs

bane remedy cure the

spark underneath a watered

bridge its occupants dressed

so overtly you’d think you

would of noticed them

a long time ago before

your eyelids painted hell

above your bed

where he scratched his

likeness with his tongue

over that watered, creaking

bridge and the light

found no solitude in what

it gave thee dead beauty

atop an almond vendor’s hat

traverse the watered bridge

with a purple orchid stuck

the belladonna stripped

under a black, Berlin sky.

“by Demeter’s daughter to a few fear-driven souls”

                                                                                she was



                                                                   the death of spring








                             down a hole that hadn’t seen

                             a white rabbit in years

                                                                                         black roots


                         hands              fingers


snaring her golden hair






                                          her wheat dress they plucked

                                                    her supple strings


                              a chord they could play

                                                         she could no longer see





                                                   I  G H  T

                                 her mother weeping

                                                                    O         V E         R

                               a cracked pomegranate

  1. carcass
  2. intestines
  3. insides

black and gnarled

                                 : the soul

                         of a man she would soon marry

                                                                   queen of the under

                                                                  world she knew not


                                            a  world

              she wanted

                                 to know                           the stars

                      she would never see again

                                                                         the winter ones

she wasn’t sure she had a name