Der Panther

Vines blink in form voracious they stab

mud garden, this niche lay ahead

Mist as others save her gave her

A thousand hints stable kind of pelt

Divider fang gash and dig stark shredder

a sick lark clan increase drought,

wise to dance for craft an admitter,

in the bathtub cause will spread. 

No man sleep there hanged in popular

sick loudless off then get in bed nine

Get church there glider panther still

a hurt in cats zen off resign

“Signed and Sealed”

Buzzz. Buzzz. Pause: wet paper towel. Buzzz. Does it hurt? No, not really. It’s worth it.

That’s what they all say. Clenched teeth. Buzzz. Buzzz. Where do you go to school? Buzzz.

Pause: loading more ink. Oh, yeah? I went there too. Do you like it? Buzzz. The boy’s arm twitches.

Stay still. Buzzz. Buzzz. His leg, this time. Need a break? No.

That’s what they all say. Buzzz. It’s nearly finished. A wonky black shape, to you. For him, a breakneck taboo.

“The Haunting”

A darkness fleeting.

Your own light bulb,

crushed under your own two feet.

A smear of blue.

A drop of red,

on your stomach,

the side of his bed.

A danger,

a relic.

“Convince me,”

he says.

You can still see his voice,

a shadow,

dripping in barbed desire.

Something tangled up,

between your thighs,

around your pretty neck.

It was only the sheets.



“Divide and Conquer”

Cross-legged in your basement,

arms outstretched.

You didn’t know I was there.

I heard,

your footsteps

puttering above my head.

Can you hear me?


on your neck,

but I wasn’t the one who put it there.


I was in your attic,

lounging on some cans of blue spray paint.

I heard you singing,

in the shower beneath my feet.

I froze,

because she was there too.


that just wouldn’t do.

I remembered the carving knife,

on your cutting board.

You should of seen my face just then,

lit up and glowing.