“by Demeter’s daughter to a few fear-driven souls”

                                                                                she was



                                                                   the death of spring








                             down a hole that hadn’t seen

                             a white rabbit in years

                                                                                         black roots


                         hands              fingers


snaring her golden hair






                                          her wheat dress they plucked

                                                    her supple strings


                              a chord they could play

                                                         she could no longer see





                                                   I  G H  T

                                 her mother weeping

                                                                    O         V E         R

                               a cracked pomegranate

  1. carcass
  2. intestines
  3. insides

black and gnarled

                                 : the soul

                         of a man she would soon marry

                                                                   queen of the under

                                                                  world she knew not


                                            a  world

              she wanted

                                 to know                           the stars

                      she would never see again

                                                                         the winter ones

she wasn’t sure she had a name


“Bleached Aviary”

mother shaking flower a tiny

green world scatter gravel

gone now I follow rivers

black L shaped dark V

yellow lost run boy; wave

wood lightning away white

reflection plank the blinds

outside in years blow canopy

porcelain stomach berries love

war; rectangles creamy squares

dying mint eel a

ruckus should pears pressed

against the night we met

tree speckled leaning awfully

close moss mouth shooting up

onion skins thinning wire

photo tucked ley lines bite

stained stick monster a moat

the body between; the laugh

hinge memories scraps dripped

family dry perched thick not

around here locket curves

bench crying knot scratch

cross missing umbrella still

stand ending falling back

pit branch the fig never

sitting rain; still mulch nerves

looking down ivy face quiet

cloak the camera storm it

coming across bird skin

vessel flesh hops waiting

and then fly.