“Death to All”

Bones groaning and creaking, the elegant skeletons danced.

They were dressed in a delicate array of snow, with hollow stars winking from their throats.

Wind flowed through their limbs, a song written in a language long forgotten.

The skeletons’ arms stretched towards the dark sky, praying to some unforeseen goddess that lived above them.

So immersed were they,

these skeletons of old,

that they did not hear the screams.

The silent cries of their neighbors as serrated steel penetrated their skin and ripped away at their insides.

Until it was happening to all of them.


“A Grim Parlor”

The flames chatter to themselves in the fireplace, an eerie dialogue of insanity for any who walk near. Two armchairs, leather skin pulled tight over their flames, duel in silence. Each is precariously turned towards the other, foul words of a previous conversation hanging in the stale air.

But my calamity lies with the heads.

A line from a novel comes to me,

“We bear the grins of the smiling dead.”

So truthful a description, for a place such as this.

A macabre theatre of plaques and glass eyes, static veins and dull teeth. A glass of amber liquid – whiskey probably – sits on the coffee table, a buffer zone between the somber chairs.

It reflects the cruelty, the sourness, of this grim parlor.