“53 st”

She’s a million miles away can’t he notice the way she picks at the edges of her shorts like she’s done this before lovely eyes her hair a frizzy mess his mouth moving a million miles can’t she get a word in edgewise hanging over she looks so sad I would have held her hand and asked what was wrong he’s asked her but didn’t care much of her answer edgewise,

this is their stop.


I can take it take this pain where it comes from the feelings feelings you can feel inside your own bones and inside your own skin mind hurts hurts that’s the healing but then the spiral locked loaded and I feel fiery and empty all at once there’s no where to be alone here I hate that that weakness I should be I know I don’t have to be but I’m tougher than this I know I know and I’m holding up all of this pain where it comes from I’m just holding the sky a grey color draping the edges of my shoulders and the corners of my vision why am I so fucking sad I think the feelings the feelings that I can feel everywhere sometimes I wish I didn’t sometimes I wish I didn’t I’m so tired. hate.