Hey Mortals

Hey to my precious mortals, this is your humble poet.

First thing, I just wanted to say sorry for not posting a lot lately, I’m back at school so I won’t be able to post every day like I’ve done previously. I’ve just posted my short story, “A Theatre of Flesh and Mortality,” so hopefully that will last until I can post again and I do hope you guys (and girls of course – WOMEN POWER) enjoy it. Please comment on it and let me know what you think!

Second thing, I wanted to say thank you. When I started the Shadow Gallery, I was not expecting to receive over 200+ views in just a week and a plethora of likes on all my poetry. That may not be much to some, but it’s enormous to a humble poet like me, and I want everyone to know I’m grateful for your support. Even though I may not know you, I think you’re amazing. (I think, I’ve probably never met any of you.)

Feel free to follow me on my Instagram, poet_escapist. I post mostly quotes and stuff about the stuff I like.

– Brittany Coffman

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