What’s Tapping at the Chamber Door

Greetings, homo sapiens and bloodsuckers and crow-people.

This is Britt, resident writer and poet of the illustrious, semi-secret Shadow Gallery. For a while the Gallery has been stuck in a bit of a dark place. Not the good kind of dark place. The kind that lacks a certain direction. That is about to change. The Shadow Gallery is going through a little construction – a re Vamping, if you will. Hell and WordPress willing, I plan on adding a few killer short stories and some cut-throat book reviews of mine, as well as an exuberant amount of poetry. I hope to slay readers with my words as much as possible, so keep an eye out for new content. A wicked thank you to each of my followers who have been with me so far, your likes and comments darken my days. That’s the good kind of dark.